Thursday, January 30, 2014

Conchita at the Grand Central Market (reworked)

Rose suggested that we go out for a change to shake off the rut that I have been dragging these last few days.  We ended up in Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles and met some very interesting people.  Here is the first of the ones I shot.   (More to come later.)

Conchita:  Vamos.  Vamos.  What you want, M'ijo?

Juzno: Nothing really.  I'm just here to take pictures.

Conchita:  Then take mine!

Juzno:  Okay.  [Snap]

Conchita:  Lemme see.

Juzno:  Here.  [Shows her the LCD screen.]

Conchita:  Oww, mi cha-cha.  I loook soh preetty.  Gracias, gracias.

Juzno:  De nada.