I'm Moving On

Dear Rob,

Days actually go faster I noticed when one is retired.  I've been doing more stuff now than when I was doing regular gig.

Today, I cut down my tree.  It was getting huge that I couldn't see the hills anymore.  I live a few yards away from the hills where the coyotes roam and the black crows hang out.  I wanted to make sure that they never get anywhere close to my backyard.  My middle aged dog and my octagenarian cat are easy prey for these varmints.  What do I do to keep them off?  I have installed an electric fence mounted on a four foot high wall.  The fence is tall enough that my dog cannot reach it.  As for my cat, he is way too old and has severe arthritis that he hardly jumps on walls anymore.  Anyway, the buzzing sound from the electric fence scares the heck out of him that he wouldn't even get close to it.

Yesterday, I went out to pick up my shot gun.  I bought it just in time before it would be required to be registered in the state registry.  It's getting more difficult to buy a gun here in the states - especially in this very liberal state of California.  There is a proposal in the ballot to break the state into different states because California is just too big to be governed.  I hope that passes as the majority of the state has become dependent on the government, which of course means more taxes and more government control over our lives.  But the measure will probably fail because a lot of people here are stupid.  I'm not sure if you follow politics closely here in the states.  Quite frankly, I'm worried about Obamacare, which is a disaster.  In a few years, we are all going to get screwed.

How is your own retirement?  You'll get used to it like I do.

I'll call you up tomorrow after you do your photo op with the big guy who will give you your retirement award at your previous work.  If I were you, I would ditch the award.   I'm not really interested in the award.  It really doesn't mean anything to me.  I feel that the ceremony is faked and contrived.  I've put in over 25 years and I'm done.  I'm moving on.  I don't need an award.  The only reason I can think that you should do it is because it would seem to be the right thing to do.  Slaves obey your masters, right?  I'm glad that this will be the last time.

Let me know how you are doing. Maybe have lunch or dinner one of these days.  I'm very much interested in your alcohol arsenal.  I'm taking you up on your offer for me to grab a bottle or two from your stock.  Hey, maybe I could grab three.  Heh.




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