Juzno Responds to Mr Mojo Rising about Miles Davis

Dear Mr Mojo Rising,

Sorry for not getting back at you sooner.  By the way, my English teacher warned us that the worst thing one can do in starting a letter is to begin with the word "sorry".  No wonder I barely passed English class.  My recollection is that the class was brutally lethargic - filled with exercises of dispositioning correct conjugations, grammatical confusions, and faulty pronunciations.  My English teacher had an accent that was thick as a brick that following her lead scarred me for life.  For the longest time, I would pronounced Sue - a character in one of our required reading books - as "zoo-weh".   Hence, when I first came to New York, people would laugh at my accent.  I've learned to overcome this handicap after I religiously watched episodes of Seinfeld.  I am forever grateful for the wonders of Television.

I realized I am pretty off by this time because my education was not the reason that I am writing to you.  This is actually my response to your missive to me with regards to the very gifted Mr Miles Davis.  You see I've lost most of the pirated music CDs of Mr Davis so I had to go to the library and borrow whatever music of Mr Davis they have.

I managed to get hold of Kind of Blue.  It has been years since I listened to that album that it brought back trippy memories.  My old friend Duane Allman and I would hang out stoned out of our ears and listen to each track of this album.  They all sounded the same.  Nonetheless, I have now made a conscious effort to listen to the tracks with objective ears.  I must say that listening to the songs sober feels like fishing on a tepid creek in a lonely place down in Big Sur.  If you've never been to Big Sur, I would not recommend it for fishing.  The creeks are as dry as the aqua duct in Los Angeles during summer.  I further digress.  Back to Mr Davis.  Yes. Listening to his music required  a bit of of work.  At the moment, I am still listening but eventually I think I'll make it through.

I never figured out what’s likeable about jazz in the first place.  For instance, it smells funny.  I will listen to the album for a couple more times, and then I'll let you know what I now think of it.  In the meantime I'm attaching this photo, which I've taken while getting lost in the streets of Manhattan as I was trying to find Soho.  I ended up being swept into a Turkish Parade.  I'll tell you about that in my next letter - assuming there will be another one.  Hope you enjoy this photo.  It's called Rock n' Roll in case you're wondering what it is about.

Take care.

Yours freely,


P.S.  Sorry for this long winded response to your letter.  It seems only right to start and end my response with an apology.  


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