Imperfections and a bundle of sticks

What is a flower bed?  It is but  a bundle of sticks.

I love the look of film - especially when taken by a classic camera like a Nikon F.  I own a couple of them but I must confess that this image was digitally processed to make it look like it was taken by an old film camera. Using Nik Software, I think blended the looks of Classic Camera 7 in Analog Effects Pro 2, and the Agfa Film vintage filter in Color Efex Pro 2.  I do find it interesting that people like myself use the most up to date software and professional digital camera to get the imperfect look of film.  I think of this urban legend that  Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones would use the most expensive microphone and the most elaborate studio board during recording - only to try to get a sound as though it was recorded through a crappy cheap microphone.

My colors are off but I like it.  As Magnum Photographer Elliott Erwitt's once said - photography "has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them."

Techie Notes:  Taken at Ventura Harbor, California using a Canon 24-70mm EF 2.8 ii mounted on the Canon 5d Mk ii (my go-to kit for shooting events like weddings and parties where people are embarrassing themselves).  1/4000, f2.8.

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Binnur said…
Ah, I must have skipped this. Lovely flowers :-)
Rob Castro said…
Cheers, Binnur ... thanks for noticing and for your usual kind words :-)

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