Monday, September 21, 2015

Seeing with fresh eyes

A kind of blue.

I shot this in the summer of 2008.  I had this crappy DLSR Canon Rebel XT that had a meager 8 mp sensor.  (My current cell phone has more resolution than this camera.)  I had just bought a cheap nifty 50 mm lens (cost me $80 or something).  I barely knew how to shoot and didn't understand how to use the aperture of the lens.  My 50 mm can go wide to f1.8, but I never really expected what I will get as a result of shooting wide open.  It was getting dark so I was forced to shoot wide open.  Little did I know that it would create a nice blur on the background and foreground.  I just wanted to get a correct exposure.

I have forgotten about this image.  Fast forward to 2015, I saw this image once again as I went through my archives and thought it had potential.   It is like finding an old bottle of cheap wine that had collected dust in the garage or somewhere.  And upon opening, one is surprised to find the taste exceptionally delightful.

This is a re-edit of the original shot, which was in color.  My now experienced eye saw that it might be better to render the image in Black and White.

I like it that at times I see my old images and see them in fresh light.  I like it especially when I have used cheap camera and lens and get wonderful results.

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