Saturday, September 26, 2015

Slaves for Sale

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We are mannequins.  Since the beginning, we were conceived to be slaves.  Yet the very people who conceived us have argued that in order to make life worth living you got to be free, and you can't be free if the other people are not free too.  What's up with that?

Is Freedom truly based on equality?  Yet some of us are sold for a dollar, while others are worth much more from the perspective of a prospective buyer.

Or consider the metaphysics of forces that guide people who think all is fine, walk about their daily life, and yet turn a blind eye on a homeless person.   No, no, they would argue, "but you see this homeless person has freewill and can transcend from his destitute state if he so desire."  Well, sir, that is precisely my point.  We are not free.  Are we then in a better situation than this homeless person?

#philosophy #nihilism #existentialism