Portrait of a Serial Killer

I think I need to shave.  A good bath might also do me good.

Yea, this is me - a killer.  I've killed a number of people.  Not physically.  But in my mind.  I have wished people dead.  I deserve judgement.  I deserve nothing less than God's wrath.  Who can save me?

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Binnur said…
You are not serious, are you :-)
Rob Castro said…
I am serious, Binnur :-) This is the truth that I believe. No matter how big or small our sins are, all of us are sinners in the eyes of a righteous and just God, who is angry at all sins. As sinners, we are in desperate need for mercy and salvation, which can only be provided through Christ.
Rob Castro said…
Jesus in his sermon said that if one lustfully looks at a woman that person already committed the sin of adultery. A person who hates another commits the sin of murder. Who can comply with these requirements? Only the Son of God, who imputes his righteousness to those who have been predestined to eternal life. In this, the believers of Jesus stand righteous in God's sight as though they have not sinned. This is the gospel of Christianity.

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