Together Through Life

Love conquers all.

Abram:  Honey, I don't remember where I placed my dentures.

Sarai:  Silly you.  Don't your remember that you let me borrow 'em?

Abram:  Oh, now I see.  Well, I think I need my afternoon nap.

Sarai:  Sleep well, my love.

#loveforever #togetherthroughlife #lovesupreme


Binnur said…
Touching image Rob .
Rob Castro said…
Cheers, Binnur. I found the original jpeg file the other day (I didn't shoot raw back in those days) and thought of presenting it a way that showed intimacy. I suppose I have succeeded in a small way. I was told that the man btw passed away a couple of years ago. His passing makes it more poignant for me.

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