2013 Rioja

This is what one may see after their second bottle of red wine.  Wonderful world of colors, blurs and bokeh.  I must say the 2013 Rioja is not that impressive.  But that was the best I could find at the bar in Limerick, Ireland.  (The Irish are not into wine.)  Anyone in the market for wine should try to find the 2010, which was a great year across the board.  Prior to harvesting, it rained quite a bit and the summer was super hot - an ideal condition for growing grapes.  I still see some great finds at Trader Joe's and Costco.  Almost everyone in the wine making business made great wine.  Anyone who made inferior wine from the 2010 grape harvest should not be in the business of wine.  The other year to watch is the 2015.  Not as great as the 2010 but decent.

Shot with the iPhone 6.

May you enjoy this Friday the 13th.



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