Love Forever

They've been together for a long time. They were still young lovers when they fought Sauron and his cohorts in the days of old. They've witnessed the destruction of Mordor and the crowning of Aragorn as King Elessar. They have been lovers for a very long time. Now retired from service, they enjoy each other's company by doing daily walks and window shopping. Love is forever.

Street Photography Tip No. 1: Anticipate. Keep your eyes open. Be ready.

Rose actually saw them approaching and pointed them to me. I just stood where I was. Made sure all my camera settings are there. F11 and high shutter speed so I make sure I capture them. Camera mode set to continuous burst. Pretend I'm shooting the building. When they came close. I just fired away three shots. This was the best of the three.

And then I use my imagination to create a fantasy story. (This one is optional.)


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