Creme Brûlée

My current go-to electric guitar.  An American made Fender Stratocaster Deluxe.  I think I had it for over 2 years now but wasn't really playing it as much.  In fact, the last couple of years, I had not been musically creative.  Not as much as I would want it.  Except for banging the drum kit every day - which I hardly would call musical.  (I finally got rid of some of the kit parts.  But I kept the snare and the two cymbals - in case I get frustrated with things I can't control.  I do have a control issue.  Always has.)

In retrospect, I never had any intention of posting this image.  Shot on my iPhone 7 plus so I can remember the setting on my guitar while I was writing a song.  But lately I was having sleep issue since I cut down on my alcohol intake.  (The doctor recently warned me of this.)  So one night, when I couldn't sleep right away, I decided to edit some images.  Then I saw this.  To my eyes, it has potential.  So here it is.  Meet Dolly, my Creme Brûlée Strat.


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