Vintage Pedals

When I am alone, I talk to our dog Mimi.  When she’s asleep, I talk to my toys.  Meet Wilson, the old guitar pedal from the 70s.

I've been playing the Fender Strat more and more that I decided to use my older guitar pedals.  Actually, I've had the Phase 100 and the Envelope Filter for a while but had not used them.  Bought them years ago from somebody's uncle who used to be a leader in a musical band.  I offered to buy his equipment.  But he had gambling problem so he blew the money in a few hours.  I am digressing though.

I wasn't even sure that the pedals would work.  But they did.  I was thrilled to get that vintage sound.  Funny I call it vintage sound - even though the sound is reminiscent of the 70s disco era.  I suppose for most readers, they will associate that sound as vintage.  Obviously, I'm dating myself.

Now I was not into the disco scene, nor do I plan to start playing disco.  But I was planning to use the effects pedals for a different kind of sound.  I just haven't figured it yet.

More to come.


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