Wish You Were Here (Artist at Work in Old Town Pasadena)

Artist at Work in Old Town Pasadena

Dear Mom,

I am now an artist in Southern California.  I don't earn much money but it's okay.  I now live with other artists like me.  It's an al fresco style with the bridge on top as our roof.  I think it's called the 605 Freeway.  The rent is free, as long as it doesn't rain.  Which is near non-existent here.  The sun is fine.  Food is adequate for the most part.  I get it down the Mission, which is a few miles away.  Sometimes, Todd would pick up food for the rest of us when he is sober.  He is a swell guy.  He wants to be an actor.  But I don't think I'll marry him.  Besides, he has not proposed yet.  Oh by the way, I found a cute cat at back of the restaurant where I used to work as a bust maid.  I named him Jasper.  I don't know why but he looks like a Jasper.  He roams around at the Old Town during the night, and sleeps during the day.  Maybe I'll see him tonight.  I save a few bits of arugula I picked up at someone's garden.  I hope it stays fresh because Jasper doesn't like to eat it when it's wilted.  I think this is all for now.  Oh yeah, please send my love to little David.  I missed his laughs.

Love Always,
Mary Jane


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