The video was more than four years in the making.  I composed, performed and recorded Glad back in February 2016 when we were still in California.  I always had in my mind that I would do a video of the music with aerial shots of the desert - but I found out that the video clips were very expensive.  Couldn't justify it.  So I just moved on.  Somewhere around last year, I revived the project when I stumbled unto a video clip produced by The World from Above - I believe they own the copyright.  The clip is not my own but appropriated to look different from the original. I am invoking Fair Use under Section 17 U.S. Code § 107 for educational purpose.   I would gladly take down the post upon notice of the rightful owner of the video clip.

Music recorded using Capture and mastered on Presonus. Guitars used were Epiphone Acoustic Southern Jumbo and Fender Jaguar - both tuned to DADGAD. The music and performance of Glad is © 2016 Rob Castro.

Hope you enjoy.


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