Sage and Basil as Art


You can probably tell that I am scrapping the bottom of the barrel here.  I'm running dry and this is all what I can find from my finished works.  In fact, this image is not even finished.

Our herb garden is doing decently well.  Obviously great for spicing up food. The early Europeans have to travel through the seven seas, fight dragons, make sacrifices such as not being able to take bath and shampoo their hair - just to find spice to preserve their food and to make as perfume.  Well, I just made that up.

The one on the left is sage.  Rose hasn't figure out what to do with it.  The other two are basil plants.  They are probably the most used in Rose's kitchen.  The cool thing about basil is that they like to be pruned.  So the more I cut them the larger it grows.  You just need to know which ones to cut.

Hope your day is going well.


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