Everybody Wants to Rule the World or Late in the Day at Savanah


What a gorgeous place.  Savanah, Georgia.  It's like frozen in time.  A few weeks ago, when we left New York everything was brown.  When we left Texas a few days ago, everything was brown.  When we arrived in Savanah, everything was green.  They say it's green all year round here.  People all around were stressed free.  Even the wokes from the liberal states were enjoying the environment that lifted the requirement for mask and proof of vaccination.  No vaccine mandate on hotels and restaurants.  No mask required either - well, except on public transportation.  How silly, I thought.  The same people who forced their community to comply with such mandates - were enjoying the freedom in this state.  How hypocritical.  I was just listening to an 80s favorite "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears.  The song is very relevant right now.


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