Welcome to Electric Ladyland


It's strange that in NOLA (New Orleans) the buildings are built perfectly perpendicular to the ground regardless of its level.  As you can see, the street is tilting.  Nothing is leveled in NOLA.

The unit on the right is Electric Ladyland Recording Studio that Jimi Hendrix built has moved.  It is now in New Orleans.  It was losing money in New York because of the mask mandate.  Understandable.  It would be difficult to sing with a mask on.  Hence the decision  to relocate.  The studio now specializes in Cajun honky tonk country Dixie pretty mama all night long music.  Next to it is a generic body piercing shop.  It doesn't have a name yet because the owners are always high on tea leaves everyday that they couldn't think straight.  Maybe they will call it The Body Piercing Shop.  Close to this building is where one of my favorite New Orleans style band Tuba Skinny plays every Thursday.  I think I'll  be writing about them on the next blog.  


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