The Melancholic, the Waitress and two face Loretta who can't decide what to order


Captured at this hole in the wall place in Savannah.  It's a place called Black Rabbit.  Upon entering, I saw this big muscular chef who probably competes in a free form martial art.  Either that or he works out punching the cold meats in the freezer room.  The place was very small.  Since it was still early for most people to have dinner, Rose and I were able to find a table.  Few minutes later the place become crowded.  These were mostly college kids I thought.  I presumed they were from SCAD (Savannah college of Art and Design).  It turned out to be a neat place to hang out.  Food and drinks were great.

I really love this image.  It's my new favorite.  I love the way that the subjects were in their worlds.  I also like the way the color tones turned out.  Now I just have to figure out how I got that color tone.  It was captured on iPhone, and the final editing was done in iPhone Lightroom.

Hope your day is going well.


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