The wheels of the bus go round and round


A fortuitous shot if I may say so.  Although nothing really happens by chance.  The bus was just making a turn and I happened to have my camera ready.  Nice.

Taken while on an afternoon walk around our area.  See those houses behind the bus?  It used to be a field of wild landscape when we first moved here in Texas.  With the new houses, we lost our nature trail and our great view of the city below (we live in the high country).  The other downside is that the critters and the rattle snakes and the scorpions lost their habitats.  Most of them have found new homes in our garage, closets and inside our extra shoes. Oh dear.

The above image was again captured with the Fujifilm X100F using a milder dose of the Cross Process from the Fuji X Weekly Recipe.  I like the recipe for this one as the green tone is milder.  

Hope your day is going well.


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