A Day Off

 Welcoming ourselves with the Rakyi Bianca as we checked in at The St Anthony Hotel in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Those of you who are familiar with some Spanish will notice that St Anthony is an anglicized version of San Antonio.

The weather here was about the same at home. Cloudy, bleak and gray. Relatively cold. Sipping the Rakyi was nice way  to warm ourselves after driving from home. 

Downtown was slow, which was to be expected. It’s just been a few hours since New Year’s Day. 

I definitely needed a break. The last few weeks was hectic. A lot of organizing - Christmas carol sing-along, Christmas service in the morning, Candlelight service on Christmas Eve. When I could squeeze some time I would go through uncompleted committee work. I may be retired but I’m still busy. It’s a good thing, I think. The mental faculties are being put to good use.

(The image above is a flask I brought back from Croatia. I’m told that welcoming guests with Rakyi is customary in that region.)


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