I Used To Love Her


So what’s up with this guitar? It’s a Gibson Les Paul. It was my dream guitar when I was a teenager. Jimmy Page played it. Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton and Jose Pepe Romero once played it. I’m kidding about Romero although I suspect he might have tinkered with it in the privacy of his home.

Like most big cities, San Antonio has the ubiquitous Starbucks, MacDonalds, and Hard Rock Cafe. The guitar is the first thing one can see upon waking inside the iconic Cafe. It had been signed by members of the Aerosmith. It seemed my photo captured the signatures of Brad Whitford (second guitar player) and Tim Hamilton (bassist). Most people who know Aerosmith probably don’t know who they are. That is cool, I think. I like taking photos of less iconic images.

Not sure when they came over here but I suspect it would have been in the 80s when they were at the peak of their career.


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