Dear Irene

San Antonio, the island she loved
Dear Irene,

Hope you are doing well.  It must have been hard to get all kinds of flaks from the media.  They thought you are feisty and expected that you would bring terrible damages to the children of the East.  It's not your fault.  Media and self-proclaimed prophets are full of hot air.  They say things to sound lofty.  They predicted that you were going to bring a big one.  I think they were disappointed.  Yet I do thank your boss.  In his wisdom, he has spared numerous people.  I stopped asking why he does the things he does.  It is all beyond me.  I admit that sometimes I want to question him.  But I've learned that it is not cool to second guess him.  Anyway, I thought I would just post this silly banter.  Regards to all.

Sincerely yours,



Anonymous said…
Rob, I heard the other day NY was about to be hit by a Tropical Hurricane & Obama had evacuated the city. I thought OMG. Went straight on the web weather & checked out US weather, hadn't even hit NC & had been down graded to a category 1. Gee Wiz what is it the media is wishing upon us.We had a big storm this afternoon and now the media are saying"Storms arriving early,this is going to be a bad season." I'm shiting myself already and storm season is 3-4 months away.:) tony
Rob Castro said…
Tony, it's the effects of global warming. I think the heat has fried the media's brain. I blame Bush.
Anonymous said…
Rob, is that Bush, Bush Jr. or the Flaming Bush?
Rob Castro said…
No, no... Kate Bush

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