Does anyone think this is art? (I'm just asking...)

Norton Simon, Panasonic DMC-LX3, f2, 1/40, iso 800
When does art becomes art? I ask because the response to this leads me to my next question. Is a picture of art considered art at face value? In other words, if I survey a sculpture and find an angle that would show a magical side of the artwork that very few people or no one else has seen except me, and I paint an image of it, does that make the painting art? If instead of painting, I use my Holga camera so I can get that dreamy look, is that still considered art? If instead of the Holga, I used my iPhone, would it still be art?

I suspect that discussions on art are looked upon as lofty and perceived to have no real practical use in everyday living. But before we get into its raison d'ĂȘtrethat, first we must define what art is. Does art exists for its own sake? Does it need a reason to exists?

I’m just asking…


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