Red Marked Draft

Rose from my backyard, Canon 60d, 50mm Carl Zeiss, tripod
Tested the Canon flash 580 ex-ii some months ago so I can't really remember how I set this up.  I know I placed a black card board behind the rose.  I think I used a diffuser over the rose and pointed the flash on top to get those shadows.  The text was an afterthought.  It was from a different image of a post-it note that my engineer placed on his folder.  If you looked closely, the post-it was addressed to me with words "marked draft".  The post-it image was originally yellow and I converted it to BW and further converted to negative.  (I forgot how to do negative conversion so I'll have to try that again.) Anyway, I also erased some parts of the text to give it a "chalk on blackboard" look.

This piece is actually a rework of previous post.  (I couldn't find it so I must have deleted that one -- very likely because I wasn't satisfied with the photo.)  On this version, I've emphasized the shadows using the curve layer in PS - a trick I've recently learned from Craig Tanner.  (I highly recommend the website The Mindful Eye, where he provides tutorials.)  The technique that has been very useful.

Hope you enjoy this one.  Please leave a comment as to let me know your thoughts.  Take care.


tse-tung said…
great stuff... where did i see it before?

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