Monday, August 29, 2011

Artist in Vain

Pinhole Blender Mini 35mm
Non-engaging: “Artists are obviously gifted people.”

Politically Incorrect:  “God is the source of the artist’s gift.”

More Politically Incorrect:  “God gives gifts to artists for his own pleasure and good purpose.”

Today was another hot day.  I had difficulty concentrating on my work.  And I couldn't stand Rush Limbaugh whining on the radio.  I blame the heat. I decided to listen to Electric Light Orchestra instead.  Now that's a great British band.  Whatever happened to them?  I remember that one of the reasons some bands break up is one of the members turn to religion and decide he doesn't want to play secular music anymore.  Sometimes religious conversion can have a funny effect.

For some time now, I’ve always questioned with what it means to be a Christian artist.  What kind of art would be appropriate for somebody who has now been redeemed by the blood of Christ?  Most evangelicals will probably insist that Christian art is sacred and therefore devoid of any secular elements.  I remember one time when I used to do music gig at a local coffeehouse; I met another artist who also played there.  We talked about how we like the Eagles and other rock groups (don’t know why I remember talking about the Eagles and not the other ones) and how their songs influenced our own songwriting.  I asked him why he doesn’t play covers.  He told me that since he became a Christian he stopped playing “secular” music.   I thought that was strange at first but later found out that there are evangelicals who will not even listen to non-Christian music.