Romance of the Film

Until the film gets processed, it is only in my head that I can imagine the images captured with a film camera.  That restless anticipation... Really, what I want to get into is to go back to film - particularly that Black and White film noir.  But I get into a snag trying to create a blurb for these images.  By the time I finished writing, my feelings have changed.

A side note:  As some of you may have noticed, I have been trying to give my blog a fresh look.  In going through the motion, I stumbled into an old post on my interview with an art student.  I thought it was such a good read that I included the link here:

Here's an excerpt:

  • well the project i'm doing at the moment is about imperfections, ill write the briefs out for you so you can maybe get a rough idea; 'the photograph as an object: an investigation of imperfection and obsolescence in relation to the photographic print.' so basically.... i only work with film i hate digital photography, and i began to ask myself why, an i looked through photo's i've used and taken before and i realised i only choose those that have gone a little bit wrong, or the lighting is bad, or different as the case may be.. or there's a water mark on the photo or a smudge, or a fingerprint from the film (t hats the best) i just really appreciate the little mistakes, it makes every piece so different.... and when i look at your work, some of it, where you've fiddled with the films or whatever just comes out so wonderful... if i had more money id seriously invest in some good cameras but right now i've got my lomo fisheye.. a bunch of out of date lomo disposables.. 2 box brownies and some slide films...
Holga Girl, Nikon FE, 50mm f1.8


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