Meditating on the Austere

You are too much:
I thought I was underweight the last time I look.  Pass the steak please.

What beautiful result:

All of that Photoshop stuff is way over my head:
Mine too.  I tell people that I do Photoshop but that’s really the original un-processed.  (No, I’m kidding.)

Do you spend lots of time doing your tweaking??
No, I don’t tweet.

Have you ever thought about teaching a class??
No, but I taught about it.

Looking at this picture makes me feel tranquil.
Hmm… if it’s making you sleepy then it must be boring.

Probably someone will catch me if I just stare at it…
I hope so… in case you fall asleep and fell off your chair.

And maybe do a little meditation but I guess that is out of the question…

Try humming Ommmm


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