Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Man with Pink Bow Tie

"I hope my sister won't mind that I borrowed her bow tie."

The perfect lighting.
The appropriate environment.
The Scandinavian gent.
A young Max Von Sydow.
All I had to do was click the camera.

Sometimes things just happen in street photography.  I was standing near a coffee bar at the Grand Central Market in LA when this young man with a pink bow tie stepped in to order a cup of some pretentious Latte with Pumpkin spice.  From his attire, he could have been a fashion model, an actor or a maître d' for Pink's Hot Dog.

"Ursäkta, may I take your picture?"

"Vad fasa.  You insignificant peasant.  How dare you?"

"In that case, I suppose you are not signing any model release then."

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