Friday, October 09, 2015

No te preocupes por mi

Don't worry about me.
Dear Mom,

I won't bother you with my usual apologies for the lateness of my letter.  And perhaps for once, I can write without going through a defeating motion of trying to explain why I chose to be here.  The terrible truth is I have not been responding to many of the letters that other people have sent me since the time I got into an altercation with the son of the Police Chief.  There are many uncertainties and a lot of things may no longer be unavoidable.  Everything that is happening here is depressing - with maybe an extreme rare case when Pope Francis came to visit the island.  He may be our one last hope to redeem this tyrannical country.  Viva Il Papa.  I have tried to smuggle a note to him through one of his bodyguards though I would not be able to ascertain that it will even reach him.  In my letter, I have tried to explain that since the economic atom bomb had exploded years ago, ramifications beyond the ken of any normal man have far expanded.  Blah.  Blah.  Blah.  I wonder if my politically loaded monograph will make sense to him.  It had to.  The Pope grew up in a place where tyranny was the norm.  But I can't say for certain that he would even read my letter.  Anyways, I can only regard this sort of thing as another chapter in my continuing education of politics and human depravity.  I got to go, mom.  I can hear the sounds of revving engine from the outside.  That has got to be the truck of the same military thugs who roam the streets every week.  Hence, it is lights out in a few minutes.  So, I'll say goodnight and sign off.


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