Friday, October 16, 2015

Objections to Lemon Grass

You think this is art?

Dear Ms Stewart,

Can I call you Martha?  I would rather not be too formal.  I am a big fan of your show Martha Bakes, and have been following your instructions to the tee.  Unfortunately, there was one episode concerning baking a chicken that you mentioned about the use of Lemon Grass as stuffing inside a chicken.  As a quasi-animal rights proponent, I kind of find this a bit disturbing.  I have a lot of respect for chickens.  So, I feel that stuffing a foreign object inside them is objectionable for reason that it is downright degrading and racist.  In the south where I grew up, we always treated our chickens with respect.  At least, before we kill and cook them.  Having said that, I hope you will reconsider your recipe for the Chicken Bake as it is not only a turn-off but offensive to folks like us.

Yours truly,
Colonel Sanders

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