Madrid reliving its history

Statue of King Charles III located at Puerto del Sol, Madrid

It has been said that Madrid despite the seemingly consumerist influence on the city , i.e. modern transportation, millennials sporting hip fashionable attire, and sprouting Burger King fast foods, the city has never really changed in its heart.  In plain English, Modern cosmopolitan Madrid in its heart has always been Madrid, a city resilient to counter-culture.  While I am not sure if I completely agree with this observation, I do see that some parts of the urban landscape attempts to commemorate and perhaps relive its history.  Such as the statue of King Charles III (1716 - 1788), which is part of the monument at Puerta del Sol.  I find it interesting that the statue is surrounded with shopping malls from all sides.  The statue is not that old.  It is a replica made by Miguel Angel Rodriguex and Eduardo Zancada in 1994.  The tourists are made to believe that it's the original 18th century statue.


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