No More Lonely Nights

A view from our hotel in Cardiff, the capital of Wales.  The locals speak Welsh.  Technically, Wales is part of England although they have their own Soccer team.

Looking from afar, I see the urban skyscrapers.  But when I look below, it appears that we are holed up in a rough neighborhood.  Although not much was happening outside, which could either be a good or bad sign.  I didn't want to go out that night so I stayed in our room and did my best to entertain myself.  

Post-processed on the iPhone using Darkroom App, the image was taken with the iPhone 6 using the camera of the Slow Shutter App to get some light trails.  I didn't have a tripod so I had to hold my iPhone flushed against the window. It took a while for me to fiddle with the settings to get the effect I wanted but with patience all the trial and error work yields a fine reward.  In my humble opinion.



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