Understanding Our Propensity for Visuals

But first a Food Selfie!
This present culture is enamored with visuals and more visuals.  Fascination with visuals.  Food selfies flood the social media.  People sharing their photos from their smart phones.  Part of this phenomenon is that almost everybody can take a picture.  Cameras are accessible.  When you go to the social media, try posting a blurb on ideas and no one will almost read them.  But post a picture of your latest lunch or dinner and it's a guarantee that it will get some kind of reaction.  We live in an age where visuals rule - 24/7.  The newspaper businesses know that there is a greater likelihood of people reading their articles when they are accompanied with images.  After all, pictures they say tell a thousand stories.  Although it may seem that this trend is more apparent nowadays, it is not new.  Our fallen minds are programmed to respond to images.  I've always wondered why God of the Bible forbid a visual representation of himself.  We are prone to imagine how God looks like.  Even Moses desired this.  We are indeed a visual people.


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