A Short Pathology on Selfie

Juzno:  Is that your new selfie?

Mary Suc:  Yes and no.  It's an old selfie but yes it is my selfie that I just posted here.

Juzno:  Where do you usually post your selfies?

Mary Suc: Facebook for the most.  My friends love them.

Juzno:  How many FB friends do you have?

Mary Suc:  2,758 and growing.

Juzno:  Do you know all of them?

Mary Suc:  No.

Juzno:  So what is the point of selfies on FB?

Mary Suc:  Gloating.  Showing off.

Juzno:  Are selfies supposed to represent your good side only?

Mary Suc:  Sure.  No one wants to see or hear you when you are down and out.

Juzno:  Isn't that kind of fake?

Mary Suc:  Perhaps.  But as long as people think that you are doing fine then it is all that matters.

Juzno:  Thank you for sharing your selfie.

Mary Suc:  My pleasure.  And don't forget to like.

Originally posted on January 17, 2014


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