The River Danube is Really Blue

Budapest was the last city we went to on our January holiday.  I am going to skip the rest of the cities and jump right into Budapest.  Why you ask?   Because I want to.

This was taken at the Fisherman's Bastion.  Great view.  I am quite disappointed with the captured image as it's very pixelated.  This is a moment that I wished I had a professional camera with me.  The iPhone failed miserably inspite of redeeming the image in Photoshop.  Still, I thought that the composition was worth sharing.  So here it is.  Amazingly, the River Danube is indeed blue.  The great Classical Rock Star composer Johann Strauss II was spot on.

Of all the places we've visited this year, I think Budapest was the best.  Ecclectic.  I dig it.  Their history fascinates me.  Our tour guide told us that Attila the Hun stayed in Hungary for a while.  His brother Buda did so too.  Hence you get the name of the city Buda-pest.  But history is written by the winners of war.  Apparently the Hapsburgs wanted to erase the influence of the Huns so they created fake news by destroying the reputation of Attila.  Too bad Attila didn't have a good lawyer to sue the Hapsburg.

Hope your day is going well.


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