Thoughts on Revisiting Prague

I'm having deep thoughts with old pal Charlie.

It was in April 2013 when we first visited Prague.  It was cold.  Unlike most people, I thought Prague was overrated.  Yes, there was the St Vitus Cathedral, Old Town Square, the Astronomical Clock, the dapper Saxophone Guy who played on the town square - he wore a nice dark blue suit and a sharp looking Fedora with a gold band on it.   There were also the usual suspects - pickpocketers.   I was fortunate not to have to deal with one.  (I had a bad experience in Milan but that's another story for another day.)  Our tour guide was Peter.  He was funny and gave practical tips.  Like going to a restaurant for the free use of their restroom instead of paying one Euro in the public toilets.  Fast forward five years later.  January 2018.  It was still cold.  Peter was still our guide.  He was still funny.  In my eyes, Prague appears to still be more or less the same.  Except there are fewer tourists, the Astronomical Clock is being removed for repair, and the Saxophone Guy did not play as good.  He is so much older.  The gold band on his Fedora is gone.  He has replaced his blue suit with a worn out black combination.  I felt sorry for him.  In 2013 I took a picture of him.  I could not make myself to do it again.  One good thing was that the pickpokecters have hibernated.  Other than that I think Prague is still overrated.

Saxophone Guy back in 2013.


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