Ceviche de Mango

Yesterday, Rose and I had lunch with our former office mates at this Peruvian Restaurant called Misky Misky in West Covina.  "Misky" is Peruvian Quechua for "delicious".  Hence "misky misky" mean doubly delicious.  The use of grammar reminds me of the Filipino language.  The adjective is usually spoken twice to describe a superlative.  But I digress.  The lunch we had was indeed delicious.  For starters, the four of us shared the Ceviche de Mango, which consists of the fish of the day, shrimp, mussels, squid with mango puree, red onions, and aji amarillo.  I have taken a food selfie of my portion of the appetizer.  

More food selfies to come.  Hope your day is going well.


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