Instagram No. 180219

I started with Instagram (IG) some time ago.  Maybe two years now.  I usually just upload randomly so I didn’t care if the soup image was our of place next to street images.  

IG is not as friendly as Flickr.  The sequence of the uploaded images can’t be reorder like in Flickr.  Most of the members upload a single genre (eg landscapes, streets, portraits) so the sequence of their images is more coherent.  A lot better images than in Flickr in my opinion.  Though not as good as 500px, which I think is not as interactive.  

My IG gallery is very eclectic unlike the one I have in Flickr, which is mostly portraits and streets.  I wanted a place where I could upload my other images regardless of genres.  So I decided to do this in IG.  

I don’t have as many followers as in Flickr probably because the genres are all over the place.

And yet perhaps, at the end of the day, the soup image may not be too out of place.  After vigorously shooting the streets, one does need a warm comfort food.


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