I like taking photos of statues.  They hardly move and most of all they don't complain.  I could sell their photos without a model release.  Statues are the best subjects.  

Taken at Orsanmichele church in Florence, belonging to the Benedictine Monastery.  A rather peculiar group of monks who is thought to have invented the a medicinal aromatic herbal beverage.  This piece of information has now been debunked but it makes for a great story.

Addendum:  There were more bits of pixels on the original image (below).  But I didn't like the perspective so I straightened the pillars using the Transform tool in Photoshop, which crops the image if the aspect ratio is maintained. This I think works better because I didn't like the right foot of the man sticking out in the bottom left hand corner.  It also seems to make the scene more intimate.  I like the transformed version as the shell cuts through the upper right hand corner, and the left hand pillar is straight.  This makes the geometry easier for the viewer to look at in my opinion.  I also like how the right hand of both men fits right at the center.  Further, the three hands form an imaginary straight line at the center. (Old Asian Art Tip:  Group of odd numbered objects can make the image more interesting.)  This would not have been noticeable with the original image.  My guess is that the sculptor did that on purpose.  The colors are almost monochromatic so rendering the image to B&W seems appropriate.  This is one image that I don't think blurring will make it any better.  

This is my long winded critique of my own work, which at times I tend to write about on some of my images.  Except sometimes I think the explanation can be boring to non-photographers.

Hope your day is going well.


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