Daisies in the Blue Hour

Shot with the iPhone 7 plus, Lightroom Mobile.
The blue hour is famous for its romantic connotations, particularly in the arts. A colloquial French saying characterises the blue hour as a time of confusion and mystery, since it is impossible to determine whether it is really night or day.  Are you feeling for French Fries?

Yeah, the blue hour capture looks cool.  But I will be honest.  I didn't shoot this during the blue hour.  It was shot at late morning.  In post-production, I was able to cast a dark blue tone on the entire image by pulling and pushing on the blue channel of the Curves Adjustment.  The yellow daisy harmonizes well with blue.  The two colors are in the opposite end of the  spectrum in the color wheel so the combination works nicely.  

This tiny bit of knowledge in post processing comes in handy.  I like to take photos anytime anywhere.  I could practically edit my images to look like it was shot at daytime or nighttime with no regards to the real time of the day.  To an extent.

Please don't tell anyone else of my secret.


Originally posted March 29, 2017.


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