Eat Cheese instead of Beef

Earlier I cooked the marinated prime cut beef.  I used the same sauce on the meat and potatoes that I posted a few days ago, and added a bit of Olive oil.  Covered it for 20 minutes and it was all good.  Put it away for my next meal.  

The next day I had an idea of dressing up some slices of cabbage and topping them with the beef.  I wanted the beef to be warm so I microwave it.  But instead of 15 seconds, I didn't realize I entered 15 minutes.  The beef turned out to be the blackiest meat I have ever seen.  It felt like charcoal and probably tasted like one.  I needed my protein so I ended up topping the salad with Swiss Cheese.

So it’s back to healthy eats:  salad containing sweet bell peppers, tomato and cabbage. Mimi wanted her share as usual.  Surprisingly, Mimi liked the Bell Peppers.  I was worried that it might not go well with her but one internet source said it was okay for dogs so long as they eat it in moderation.  Of course Mimi does not know that she is a dog.


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