Waiting for September

I am tired of this heat wave.  Here in Southern California, it’s triple- digit temperature in the last few days lingering without an appearance of ending.  For you folks who read Centigrade, it means that we have been experiencing above 45s. The leaves on some of our trees have turned crunchy.  The budding apples have turned brown.  The mango fruits are done.  The roses and daisies are half dead.   It’s hot, hot hot and hot hot hot.  

And so in my fantasy world, I am dreaming of the end of Summer.  I welcome Fall and the cool breeze for the hot air it brings.  Yes, Fall.  Probably my favorite season.  The sweet melancholy that accompanies the change in weather.  And there is the change in color in the foliage.  Oh, I know it occurs only for a short period of time.  But that makes its beauty ephemeral, which makes one longs to see it again next year.  And the next.  And so on. 


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