The Last Remaining Cowboy in Chino

All the dairies in Chino, California are either moving out or selling their businesses.  There are just a handful of dairies left.  All of them have decided to leave.  The regulations in the South Coast area are burdening the dairy operators.  And the cost of real estate outweighs the cost of maintaining a dairy business so the owners are selling their lands, which are transformed into residential houses.

Dean is the last remaining cowboy in Chino.  He moves the cows from Chino to wherever destination they want him to go - usually in the Central Valley of California.  He's not sure what he'll do next when all the cows are gone.

Dean is a true cowboy.  Generally shy and quiet.  His tough face, sunburned from being in the sun all day, is complimented with his soft and humble personality.

I captured Dean's portrait back in 2011.  I was testing my 50mm Carl Zeiss Planar mounted on the Canon 60D.  Thanks to Kirk Tuck who was using that combination back then.  I followed his lead and was very impressed with the results.  I tried to edit the picture back then but was never satisfied.  Until now.  There are many images in my archive that are just waiting to be found.

Hope your day is going well.


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