Satisfaction Re-edited


Somewhere on Castle Hills, a pensive Juzno reflects over the Danube River as he sips Palinka while the wife readies her retro style Holga camera.  Juzno smiles back but returns to his introspection because it looks manlier and cooler that way in photos.  He remember reading F. Scott Fitzgerald not to smile.  At that moment, she clicks on the shutter.  Perfect.  Juzno's wrinkled skin and fly away gray hair are forever immortalized.  The photo will be lost.  But in about 50 years, a young historian uncovers the photo.  She somehow recognized the man in the photo.  She contacts the Smithsonian for some funding to research on the life of Juzno, an artist nobody remembers.  She publishes a book "Juzno: The Reluctant Photographer".  Immediately, Juzno's art works began fetching in Sotheby's for an indecent sum of money.  The Au Schneider Foundation donates half of Juzno's work to the d'Orsay.  The rest is mostly random history. 

Repost from July 8, 2014.  Do you see the difference?


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