While we were waiting for Year 2021 to come


Happy New Year!  Hope y'all welcome 2021 with a bang.  For us, the countdown to midnight took forever since  there was no show to watch (we have no Television and we’ve watched all the free movies on YouTube) and the countdown online was mainly the clock ticking to twelve o’clock.  It was just Rose and I for New Year’s Eve.  So to pass the time, we took pictures of what’s on the table (candles, flowers, succulents, flute glasses and champagne).

I even took out my old Hasselblad camera and the polaroid instant film adapter to go with it, plus the Fuji instant (polaroid) film (FP-100c) to use that was sitting in the refrigerator for years.  While relearning how to use the camera, I discovered that it was still loaded with 10 unused shots that was there since July 2014.  I took pictures using those expired Fuji instant polaroid films and got some cool shots.  I really liked them such that I tried to see if I can buy some more of those films.  Back then I bought a pack of 10 exposures for less than $12.  Well, searching the internet, we found out that Fuji stopped manufacturing them although Amazon still sells these films — a five pack of 10 exposures for a whopping price of $648.00. Which means each shot taken that night cost at least $12.  Yikes!  

As we toast to the coming year, Rose and I smiled: year 2020 was like the story of the Fuji instant film.  Confined to stay at home and in the process of finding something to do with our time, we discover treasures: tending a garden, reaching out to loved ones (including some long lost friends), reading for sheer pleasure, and learning new things, even the art of contemplation.  We are amazed at the Lord’s provision and how He has worked all things out even in a difficult and messy year.  Our God is good indeed! 


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