A Cappuccino with a View


As the city starts to wake up, I sip my cappuccino.  It's very Italian way of starting the day.  You see, the Italians don't have anything for breakfast except coffee and frothed milk.   As the day goes on, they may take a break and have a "coffee break" - usually with an espresso.  They drink it standing up - as though they are in a hurry to finish their drink and rush back to wherever they needed to be.  I found out that the price for a drink of espresso while standing up was cheaper than when one is seated at a table. 

They laugh at Americans as when we order an Americano from our local coffee bar.  Once I ordered one at the airport in Rome, the barista gave me a cup of espresso and a cup of hot water.  This is how they make Americano.  It's simply an espresso diluted with hot water.  


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