The Immoral Gulf [Excerpt from the Dystopian Diary]


The city of New York is divided into many parts.  One of which that is noteworthy is the gulf between Queensboro and Manhattan.  In the foreground, steel railways and metallic trees overwhelmed an industrial landscape in Queensboro.  Taggers and graffiti artists would claim their portions of the landscape as they make their marks.   People here are trapped in an Orwellian cycle of life - if at all one can call it life.   Further on the horizon, one could see the skyline of Manhattan.  Grand architectural landmarks rear their pompous heads.  The place of the rich, the famous, and the wannabes.  Here they sip their macchiatos and cortados and lattes in the morning, and martinis and manhattans and chardonnays in the evening.  It is the place to be at - to escape to - there is no question about it. 


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