A View from the Hotel [Excerpt from the Dystopian Diary]


The first day.  Checked in at the Boro Hotel.  Our window view shows parts of Long Island City, which is part of Queens, which is part of New York City.  I could never figure that out.  The city may look alive but there was not much interesting activities going on in the day nor at night.  I'm reminded of a sci-fi movie with zero population and where only the buildings were left.  There was no sight of any living creatures.  

Our room was bereft of color - as though time rewinded into the monochrome past.   Naked electrical conduit and water pipes snaked just below the ceiling.  At the hallways, graffiti and unfinished walls that reveal the inner hollow blocks were all over.  Every bit of interior decor was a feature.  It was not done by accident.


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