Delighting The Hurt

I made this art a few months ago but held back in posting it because I wasn't sure if I really like it that much.  For me, posting one's art in the web is like posting a picture of your girlfriend, or your newborn... it's motivated by pride and joy.  The Hurt is something I feel ambivalent about.  The technique I used here is not that elaborate... added some scratches to her face... did some makeover.  Yet, there is something that I like about her.  Maybe her dark almost lifeless eyes.  Her soft finger pressed to her lips?  It seems that sometimes when I look at her I think about a post-modern version of the Madonna.  I showed it to Rose and she liked it (and she can be brutal in providing criticism).  

A few days ago, I posted The Hurt in Flickr, RedBubble and deviantArt.  The first two sites produced modest views and decent comments but in dA it received stacks of compliments.  As I write this post, it has already 124 comments, 571 faves and 4,425 faves.  All except one comment were favorable.  That one lone comment stated that it was mediocre at best.  She's probably right.  I think it is.  But the ones I usually like does not translate into big hits (I'll write more about that subject next time).


Update November 30, 2010 in deviantArt: 132 comments, 609 favorites, 6504 views


Anonymous said…
Rob we are our own worst critics this image portrays a definite feeling , be it uncertainty or other wise.I personally like it a lot. I'm just pissed I've gotta go to another website to see it:) Am joking.tony
Rob Castro said…
tony... always the jokester... i appreciate the visit and most of all your sincerity and candor as always... your insights and wisdom makes me re-evaluate and see things differently... you are right - we are our own worst critics... i think as long as we don't get too depressed about our work then self-criticism may provide a healthy balance... it pushes us to go further... maybe it's like the myth of sisyphus ... i don't know... i'm over-analyzing as always... let me just end this note by expressing my fondest gratitude for your kind thoughts, mate... he-he sorry that you have to go to another web site :-D rob

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