A Study of Things Round

Except for the photo of the sea cucumber, the rest were taken more than a year ago when I was just learning to use the camera for art creation.  (I consider myself an artist who happens to know how to press the camera shutter.)  Just random stuff I wanted to post and share.  And yea, the individual photos are nostalgic for me... reminding me of how I have progressed and developed my style... (whatever that is I suppose I'm still trying to figure out).  I'm grateful to people especially the ones I met at the Lensbaby forum for the support and encouragement I've received.  I'm not quite sure how I can return the favor.  They deserve my gratitude and have earned my respect.

The images here are all macro shots, which I have found to be more tolerant of me.  None of them complained while I did the photo ops. 

maybe some comments in Flickr


Atelit said…
You have a great talent, of course coming from our Almighty. You’ve mastered it already. I’m so proud of you.

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